Ann Carroll

Ann Carroll

Ann Carroll, RN

Gen Surgery/Bariatric Surgery
Urbana, Illinois
United States

This summer I first met Ann through my appointments in general surgery. After some unfortunate complications, I had to spend many days both on the phone with Ann as well as in the office seeing the providers, and also many admissions to the hospital. While I am a nurse, I'm also a patient. Those of us that are nurses can many times forget that we deserve to be treated as a patient and given the same care and consideration we would give someone who doesn't have a medical background. Ann provided both care, consideration, as well as education and she never took for granted that I was a nurse and "didn't need any help". She was always available to listen, give advice, and advocate for me.

My family does not live close and would travel back and forth as much as possible, but they were not always able to be here for appointments or small procedures. Ann took on a very supportive and encouraging role and truly was a substitute for my family. Ann exemplifies the term "heart of nursing" as she has a huge heart that is dedicated to her patients and their success. Ann went above and beyond her role as the nurse in seeing how defeated I was becoming with the many setbacks. She took an active role in my appointments when I was too sick to care or advocate for myself, and she herself wheeled me to the emergency room on one occasion when it was obvious I couldn't get there alone.

I'm not sure that I ever adequately thanked her for her care, but she truly made me feel as though someone was focused on making sure I received the best possible care. Ann is deserving of the DAISY award as she is truly extraordinary and exemplifies the type of nursing we all should practice. No matter your background, age, or any other demographic when you are sick and scared, a nurse is someone who can make you feel safe and cared for, and for me that person was always Ann.