Ann Anderson

Ann Anderson

Ann Anderson, RN, BSN, CNOR

North Colorado Medical Center
Greeley, Colorado
United States

Ann has been that nurse that has worked diligently with Dr. W, NCMC’s new neurosurgeon, to make certain that we have all of the instrumentation and equipment to keep patients safe. Earlier this week, the doctor had a very complex case that was emergent and it involved numerous phone calls to vendor support staff to assure that we had all of the spine implants and bone necessary for a procedure. She also created a neuro supply traveling cart and ICP monitoring cart so that the ER would be supported. Ann has also worked with ICU to assure that Dr. W’s needs are met.

The day after that very complex case, Dr. W came to my office to make sure that the people who had worked in the room that evening with him were given kudos, as they had done such a superb job. Ann is the reason why his first cases at NCMC are going so well. Her planning and organization sets up her fellow nurses and techs to be successful and allows Dr. W to focus on the surgery.

You can imagine the planning that it must take to work with a new surgeon and Ann has done all of the work with a smile on her face and pride in her heart, knowing that her work will provide the patients with the potential for optimal outcomes. Ann often takes calls on nights and weekends when her colleagues have questions and she has developed a neuro resource book for all to use.

Ann is an exceptional nurse who works tirelessly to make sure our patients have an exceptionally positive experience.