Anita Shildmyer

Anita Shildmyer, RN

Hancock Regional Hospital
Greenfield, Indiana
United States

 Anita Shildmyer was recently recognized by a family and the Indiana Organ Procurement Organization (IOPO) for her excellent clinical skills, professionalism, compassion, and respect. Anita was caring for a patient that was not doing well and ultimately passed away. The family of this patient described Anita as very caring and concerned about them, the family, as well as the patient. They praised Anita for finding a place on the unit where they could be together as a family to grieve. Anita provided this wonderful, compassionate care to the family while she simultaneously worked with IOPO to ensure that the family was given the opportunity for organ donation. There was a delay in IOPO’s ability to get to the hospital to speak with the family regarding donation. Anita explained the delay to the family and made sure they were comfortable and had what they needed until IOPO arrived. The IOPO Director was very impressed with the professionalism and compassion displayed by Anita in this difficult situation. Because of her dedication, the patient’s wishes of being a donor were honored.