Angie Passig

Angie Passig

Angie Passig, RN

Phelps County Regional Medical Center
Rolla, Missouri
United States

There was a child on pediatrics that was post-operative after he had his appendix rupture.  The nurses were trying to get him up to walk but he was in so much pain that all he wanted to do was rest.  A director even commented that she had heard him crying and how heartbreaking it was. 

Angie Passig bought M&M’s and other goodies with her own money to try to bribe the little boy.  Angie had tried to encourage him earlier with a trip to the Prize box, but it was not enough to motivate him.  Angie bought the candy to put in the window at the end of the patient hallway as a prize, that if he could walk to it he could have the candy.  I smiled to myself, I’ve never seen a child not be motivated by the promise of candy!  Angie spent her own money to encourage and spoil him.

This scenario is more common than we know (nurses spending their own money for patients).  Having nurses on staff like this is heartwarming.  Angie deserves to know that her kind-heartedness for her patients is noticed.  I know that if my son would ever need to be a patient of Angie’s, he would be in loving hands.  It also gives me even greater pride to work for PCRMC knowing that we have such compassionate caregivers.