Angie N. Fisher

Angie N. Fisher, RN

L&D Andrews Women's Hospital
Baylor All Saints Medical Center at Fort Worth
Fort Worth, Texas
United States

Nominated by a co-worker:
"I give tours to new mothers every Tuesday and Thursday. Last week, I gave a tour to an expecting mother. She was pushing her oldest daughter, a two year old, in a stroller and while taking the tour, was entertaining her. She was in a group of about 15 other expecting couples. While everyone was very excited, she was a bit distant and appeared to be a bit sad. At the end of the tour, I always ask for questions. She waited until everyone was done with their questions and then pulled me aside and asked 'What is the photography policy?'. I explained the policy to her and then she began to cry. She explained to me that her infant was not expected to survive childbirth. I allowed her to cry and then asked her if I could get a nurse to come and talk to her about our policies and procedures for this kind of event. I went to the nurse station and asked for help. Angie Fisher offered to meet the mom. Angie met her and offered her a hug which the mother graciously accepted. Angie then asked the mom if she could meet with her in the lounge where she explained how the staff, physicians and nurses are trained to handle fetal demise. She explained the 'Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep' program. This is a program that AWH participates in to address fetal demise. The infant is treated with the utmost respect, photographed for the family and post mortem procedures are adhered to. Angie offered the mom brochures and pamphlets on support groups and other information in regards to fetal demise as well. Angie made a big difference for this mother. She eased her worries about this very sad situation. When I originally went to the nurses station to get help, everyone was very busy. Angie was laboring two moms but she said 'Let me talk to her!'. Childbirth is a very happy event but not for this mom. Angie reminded her that regardless of the outcome, she was still going to be this baby's mother and this baby's short life is worth celebrating. What Angie did was lovely, truly it was the paragon of Love. Reaching out to a stranger and reminding her that it was going to be okay and life is worth celebrating. I am lucky to have people like Angie to work with, lucky to be routinely inspired by nurses like her."