Angie Kabat

Angie Kabat, RN, OCN

BMDA Infusion Center
Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville
Jacksonville, Florida
United States
Angie’s professionalism, compassion, attentiveness, thoroughness, and therapeutic use of self is unsurpassed.

It is difficult to define such a positive and all-encompassing essence of an outstanding healthcare professional like Angie.  Angie, along with her support team made a very difficult time for our loved one, one of the best medical experiences that we have had. Her presence: She is like a beam of light with a smile to match.  Her countenance: She is very compassionate and authentic in approach and interaction. She radiates happiness and joy. Her professionalism: Impeccable! She is very thorough in all of her communication and explanation of processes. Her explanation of every process was very clear and thorough.  The way that she explained chemo all the way to her explanation of the Neulasta device was superb.  Everything happened as she said it would.  Angie set awesome expectations. Her humor: Very entertaining, engaging, and appropriate.  She knew how to make us laugh and also how to laugh with us.  Her interaction with her colleagues: Nothing short of respectful, professional, and helpful.  My family and I were under the care of Angie and her team from about 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and the care was excellent and consistent.  It is difficult to fathom how Angie and her teammates made my loved one’s chemo treatment enjoyable, but they did. I am an Administrator at a local hospital and did not mention this at all during the visit, so what my family and I witnessed was Angie and team in their natural behavior and mode of action. Often when someone knows that they may be under scrutiny, behavior can change. This was not the case with Angie and team.  They were operating in a state of authenticity and it made all of the difference in the world to our loved one receiving chemo and to us as her support system.  Angie is a jewel and it is refreshing to see someone operating in their God-given and God-anointed talent.

The world of healthcare could be so much more enjoyable and compassionate if everyone operated as Angie and her team did during our appointment. We appreciated her and everyone else for going above and beyond the call of duty and for making our loved one feel as though she was the only patient receiving treatment that day. Angie’s professionalism, compassion, attentiveness, thoroughness, and therapeutic use of self is unsurpassed and should be used as a training example when onboarding new clinicians. She made a difficult medical day for our family one of the best medical days for our family.