Angie Henley

Angie Henley, RN

Saint Joseph East - Lexington
Lexington, Kentucky
United States

Angie has addressed all of my needs in a compassionate and professional manner, especially concerning my pain management needs. Having had 8 abdominal surgeries and several hospitalizations due to Crohn's disease, I have been anxious about the likelihood of another surgery. She has gone above and beyond in her care in providing me with all the information I have needed. This may sound very vague, but I have been profoundly affected by her ability to be present to me as a patient and also, as a health care professional. One can tell that she loves what she does and views nursing as more than a career, rather , as a way of providing the highest level of compassion with people who are at their most vulnerable moments (such as myself right now!).
Angie has been very proactive in my care. There have been experiences with my health throughout the country (and the world; I was in India and Mauritania with the Peace Corps when I fell ill.) I believe Angie's care has been amazing!