Angie Couch

Angie Couch

Angie Couch, RN, ADN

The Christ Hospital Health Network
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States

When my Dad was in The Christ Hospital Angie Couch was wonderful! She was so attentive, knowledgeable, and kept me very well informed all the time. While he was in the hospital she had him Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, day shift.

Some of my family members were under the assumption that my dad was brain dead and
non-responsive. She helped me to communicate my concerns to the physicians, and helped my family understand that he was only under sedation.

Angie seems very comfortable in her environment and confident with her work. She kept my father clean, comfortable, and was very caring and concerned about me. She would listen to me when I needed to talk and never seemed to be rushing me or inpatient when I needed her attention.

She asked if we (my husband and I) were going to be at the hospital all night and provided us a room to rest in, which was a wonderful service the hospital offered.