Angelin Manogaran

Angelin Manogaran

Angelin Manogaran, BSN, RN

Medical Ward
King Saud Medical City, Riyadh
Saudi Arabia
Angie is known for her knowledge, abilities, and enthusiasm to educate others in a way that makes them feel accomplished and competent.

I would like to recognize Miss Angelin Manogaran of T1A3 because of her sense of initiative and responsibility including her style when approaching her colleagues and patients. Anytime her co-staff needs assistance with a difficult situation or difficult time for the code blue or even just to insert IV, Angie is there without complaint and with a willingness to help. When a patient is requesting her, even she is busy, she will come with a smile on her face to give care for the patient. She knows how to motivate and encourage her patients. She interacts with patients and their families and is always there for anyone.

She is very responsive to teaching and guiding her co-staff as well as the other allied health workers.  She is known for her knowledge, abilities, and enthusiasm to educate others in a way that makes them feel accomplished and competent.  She keeps inspiring everybody around her when it comes to knowledge and experience, she has been the front liner during CBAHI accreditation, in which surveyors were been amazed by her how she answered. A week before accreditation she was really given her efforts conducting awareness and preparing her co staffs, even the cleaners, to help and train them to be ready for anything.

Small but mighty lady, compassionate, very active and hard worker showing dedication to her work and very loving to her colleagues as well as to her patients. She is “a good woman in a storm”, meaning when things are going bad, you can depend on and trust her. A kind of a nurse that the patients and families, as well as nurses, physicians and other members of the health care team, can recognize as an outstanding model.


Angelin Manogaran is one of my pride and joy in my unit and I highly commend her not only the way she works but also in her attitude on how she is implementing our hospital policy and procedures by the way she patiently communicate with the doctors, staff nurses and other healthcare providers in a way that they will not be offended or misunderstood. Her outstanding work speaks to how steadfastly excellent she is as a nurse in its truest sense. She has that aura that emits positively and light environment in the workplace that makes work easy. She is handling patients due to understaffing, she was able to display calmness that radiated her commitment to teaching the staff even under that exhausting and pressured situation. The highlight of her career was during the CBAHI times where she was able to show to the surveyors together with the hospital leaders her capacity and strength in a sense that makes me proud of her as a head nurse in the unit. I call her my walking KSMC portal because, by a snap of a finger, she can show you all details and extract our hospital policy and procedure in our computer in a blink of an eye because she has a unique skill which is the photographic memory. One of my competent charge nurses as well, she assures without hesitation that accurate care is rendered to the patients whom she cares for.