Angelica Barragan
March 2017
Florida Hospital for Children
United States




Angelica was our nurse the very first night we were here at Florida Hospital. That day we had been rushed to the hospital and had been given the news that no parent dreams of hearing; that their baby has cancer. Angelica's sweet spirit, comforting personality, and attentiveness made that long night just a little bit more bearable. In such a traumatic situation, a little bit is a whole lot. You can tell when someone cares or if they are going through the motions of their job. Angelica's heart shines through each task that she does. She works very hard to make things better for not only our beautiful daughter but also for my husband and me. We have had her as our nurse several times and it is always such a treat when we find out she is going to be our nurse that night. While we would never have chosen this path for our daughter, meeting the caring people along the way has certainly been a blessing. If our daughter had not been diagnosed with cancer we would have never met Angelica. I guess we could say that Angelica has been one of the silver linings of this cancer journey. Love from our family and our little Warrior Princess.