Andrew Beyer

Andy Beyer

Andrew Beyer, BSN

Roger Williams Medical Center
Providence, Rhode Island
United States

I have worked at Roger Williams for almost 3 years on ICU and have had the pleasure of working with Andrew Beyer in the Emergency Room and the ICU. I have never met a man so dedicated to his patients. Not only does he work in the ICU, but he is also taking courses to apply for CRNA programs and working as a hospice nurse when he is not here in the ICU.

The story I have of Andy is not one but a culmination of efforts to address his patients needs no matter what. He discusses treatments goals of care, why we are doing what we are doing, and his demeanor with families is something I continue to strive for.

Andrew and I had developed a relationship with the family of a patient, the first question I am asked is if Andrew is going to be their nurse today. Recently we had a patient with terminal cancer in the ICU and the family was very hard to communicate with when it came to goals of care and quality of life for the patient, to the point where I was frustrated and having feelings of defeat. Yet Andrew was able to speak with them; even if his shift was over he would stay. He was able to get through when one could. I nominate Andrew Beyer for the DAISY Award not only for being extraordinary but as a role model who we all should strive to become not as health care workers but as human beings.