Andrea Rayner

Andrea Rayner

Andrea Rayner, RN, BSN

Adult Crisis Unit
Nebraska Medicine – Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, Nebraska
United States
We come there under difficult circumstances, but Andrea is always there with a friendly hello and smile to share.

Our first encounter with Andrea was a year ago in September. My husband was admitted to the hospital and they had a hard time diagnosing his illness. Eventually, they decided to do ECT treatments. I had no idea what that was or how any of this worked and was scared. Andrea was there to gently explain to me what it was and what it wasn’t, how it worked in general and assured me that he was going to be okay. She let me sit with him and observe the pre-op to let me get comfortable with the surroundings. There I observed her at work with not just us but the other patients as well. She treated not just my husband, but all the patients with care and compassion. She would take the situations each patient was in and addressed them individually and looked after their concerns.

I have brought my husband back to UNMC so many times now I can’t keep track. Sometimes I am in a panic trying to get him scheduled for an ECT and Andrea always goes out of her way, she says it’s just her job to help me in any way she can. Whether it’s to get on the schedule or find a doctor or simply help him get comfortable in the room, she will do it. She has answered countless questions I have about his treatment, the medications he is on and what to do next. If she doesn’t know off the top of her head, she will locate the information and print it out for me so I can read it at home. She never makes me feel that my questions are not valid.

My husband always is treated with respect when he is there. Andrea and the other nurses on the unit go out of their way to be kind and preserve the dignity of all the patients in their care. My husband is not a small man. He is 6’5” and weighs 375lb. He does not fit in the beds comfortably and I am sure, not easy to maneuver. If the bed isn’t working for him she will help find him a chair to sit in. She does her best to find ways to make him comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

Andrea had made our experience at UNMC a good one. We come there under difficult circumstances, but she is always there with a friendly hello and smile to share. She makes the process comfortable. I come in with a heavy heart and she lifts us up. Is this her job? Some would say yes. Her job is to care for her patients. She does that very well. I feel she goes above and beyond that to ensure that the dignity of the patient is maintained. Compassion is a trait to treasure. She has that trait. UNMC is lucky to have her, as are we.

Note: This is Andrea's 2nd DAISY Award!