Andrea Faunce

Andrea Faunce

Andrea Faunce, RN

Medical Cardiology Step-down
Mission Hospital - Ashville
Asheville, North Carolina
United States

...Andrea Faunce went above and far beyond providing extraordinary compassionate care. Our mother/grandmother/wife/best friend was placed on Andrea's floor. She had been sick for several months and had developed an extensive history. While on the floor and in Andrea's care we, our loved one and the doctors, made the decision to trend towards comfort care. In such a time and place in life, it seemed that God sent us an angel. He sent us a nurse that far surpassed the standards of care -- one who constantly made a difference and consistently met all our needs. She demonstrated professionalism and developed key relationships with us. Her clinical expertise showed a top notch level with excellent clinical and critical thinking skills. Most of all, her patient-centered care won our hearts. We developed that special relationship through all her emotional help and support. Not only did she prove herself while being our nurse in the hospital, she visited with the family. That was very heart-warming! She visited us at Solace (hospice) after working long 12-hour shifts. Not only once, but twice! This is why I feel like Andrea will forever hold a special place in our hearts. She is our DAISY. Thanks so much! You deserve the biggest gold star...the shiniest crown.

P.S. From one nurse to another, I thank her so much. It means so much. Thanks for being all that you were and doing all that you did. It REALLY did make a difference. I hope that I can be the nurse that she was and what she showed me and my family.


My Mother was admitted into the Heart Tower. She had previously been diagnosed with spinal cancer and underwent radiation. To our disappointment, the aggressive therapy didn't work. We were informed that her heart wouldn't make it and were told that Hospice would be the best place for her at the time. Andrea was her nurse.

One day, as we were about to leave, Andrea asked us if we would mind if she visited our mom at the Solace Center, after she got off work that night. She came to visit our mom on two separate occasions after working her shift. She didn't know us outside of the hospital visit, and it wasn't expected of her; but she carried her compassion over, and it meant so much to our family.

Our mom passed away, and we are left with the memories of her and the enormous number of lives she had touched on her journey. Our mother had managed to touch Andrea's life in a few days, the way she touched ours daily. Andrea was more than a nurse, and that deserves to be rewarded. She was a support system for us, and we truly appreciate it. Our mom received the best possible care, and for that we are so appreciative.


My mom was admitted into the hospital for re-occurrence of her breast cancer issues for the 7th time in four months. Mom had been through numerous treatments of chemo, radiation and hormone therapy over the previous 3 years, only to see her health continue to decline. Andrea was her nurse for most of the days leading up to a difficult decision me and my family to have to move my mom to the Solace Center. Little did we know that she would only remain with us four more days here on this earth.

Andrea was right with us through all of the tears, prayers and emotions that followed this decision, until mom's release from the hospital. She cared for my mom with love and compassion, as Mom's pain was almost unbearable. As we left the hospital, Andrea asked me if we would care if she visited the Solace Center to check on mom. We told her that would be fine. At the time, I guess I thought it may have been a good gesture on a nurse's part, knowing what we were going through. Little did I know that she would come by on two occasions after pulling her 12-hour normal shifts to speak with Mom and our family. She told me that Mom had renewed her strength and reminded her of all the reasons she became a nurse.

Andrea witnessed many of our tears and sorrows in the final days of my mom's life, and offered her love and support to our family. Andrea also sent a beautiful condolence to the funeral home that touched our entire family so much. As Mom had made an impact on Andrea's life, Andrea's care and compassion above and beyond what is required has left a bearing on our lives that will not be soon forgotten. Andrea Faunce is deserving of any and all praise that could be bestowed on a great nurse in the Mission Health System.