Andrea Bartlett

Andrea Bartlett

Andrea Bartlett, BSN, RN

Gamma Knife, Radiology
Akron General Medical Center
Akron, Ohio
United States

Working with Gamma Knife patients proves to be both rewarding and heartbreaking.  Andrea provides one on one care to each patient and their family. She skillfully navigates the multidisciplinary aspects of their care after the terrifying diagnosis of 'brain lesion' is given.   She is the 'face of Gamma Knife' as she schedules and works with varied departments and agencies to prepare the patient for treatment.  As primary nurse, she expertly cares for patients the day they receive their individualized treatment.

In the face of an uncertain future, Andrea is able to provide direction, encouragement, compassion and hope.  She establishes a relationship with the patient and family and she nourishes that relationship for the rest of the patient's life. She navigates post-treatment testing, doctor's follow-up appointments, and additional treatments. She is readily available by phone to each patient who has received or anticipates a Gamma Knife treatment. This often involves daily contact to deal with issues involving roller-coaster emotions, physical function and deterioration, with every sort of technical and environmental dysfunction thrown in.

Andrea is an example of "giving of yourself" to your patients and their families.  She gets up tomorrow, and tomorrow and does it all over again!