Andi Rutherford and Hilary Pinnock

Andi Rutherford and Hilary Pinnock, RN, CCRN

Critical Care - ICU
Good Samaritan Medical Center (CO)
Lafayette, Colorado
United States

A patient's husband writes:

I needed to take the time to write you as the staff you have at Exempla Good Samaritan's ICU is second to none. On December 1st my wife was in a severe accident that left her with a rod through her body and a broken wrist. After the trauma team did heroic work to save her, she was admitted to the ICU where she spent ten days.

I came in on December 2 after a long evening of touch-and-go surgery in a daze. I will tell you that the nurse that was taking care of my wife that first day, Andi Rutherford, somehow was able to immediately take care of me as well. She helped me through that day and the entire process. You see, while Andi was our ICU nurse for only one day she was kind, caring, and helped ease my load. During the following week and a half, when she was in, Andi always made a point to seek me out and make sure I was okay. She would listen and really made me feel like she cared about me, my wife, and the case more than anything else in this world. I am sure that is not the case, and that she treats everyone this way . . . but for me, seeing her face and having her listen and tell me (correctly) that it "would be a rough road but my wife would be okay" was a Godsend.

For 5 of the next 8 full days we were in ICU, Hilary Pinnock was our nurse. I was so comforted by her presence and expertise each and every day . . . and was so happy to see her each day she returned to take care of my wife. She was always there for us . . . so attentive and on top of every detail. And as I spent each day there I was amazed at the energy she had to take care of my wife, talk to me, and actually take care of another patient as well.

It is so hard for me to put into words how much these two nurses mean to me today . . . and will always mean to me. Your entire team really - but especially these two nurses.

My wife was discharged on December 24th . . . just in time for Christmas. She is resting and recouping with people who love her very much. Thank you all and God bless!