Anastasia Young

Anastasia Young

Anastasia Young, RN

7S Oncology
Sanford Medical Center - Fargo
Fargo, North Dakota
United States

Our story begins back in early January. Our mom was taken by ambulance to Sanford Hospital. This had been her fourth visit to an emergency room in less than two months, but our first to Sanford. After some time spent in the ER we were transferred to the 7th floor of the Fargo Sanford Hospital at about 10:00 in the morning. The very first person we encountered was RN Anastasia. What a delight! She immediately made us feel like our mother was in great hands. She showed a special compassion and concern that just immediately calmed us. We were fortunate enough to have Anastasia as our nurse for four days straight.

Each day she continued with the same remarkable caring and compassionate care toward our mom,
listened to our frustrations from the earlier six weeks, always concerned for our mom and our family. She always remembered our names, the many family that came to visit, she shared the same warmth and compassion will all of us. Our mother was released later that week and readmitted about six days later. Again we came to the 7th floor, although Anastasia was not our mom's immediate nurse, she recognized us, gave us encouragement when she could and shared her concern. Our mother is still currently at Sanford and has had a major surgery and a slow road to recovery.

We have enjoyed many of the talented nurses at Sanford, but Anastasia still stands out as "The Best" nurse we've had in the last 3 months of my mom's hospital stays. The part that so many do not understand is our mother also has Alzheimer's and is changing right before our eyes. Anastasia showed her understanding by always treating our mother with the same respect and caring that she would of if the Alzheimer's was not present, but in the same respect she understood the changes, we as a family were experiencing, and kept us informed. We don't know how we can ever thank her for the natural ability she has to care for others, but we definitely believe she is an extraordinary nurse and very deserving of The DAISY Award.