Ana Marie Arevalo

Ana Marie Arevalo

Ana Marie Arevalo, RN

Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center
Los Angeles, California
United States

Ana Marie takes time to interact with patients. She always demonstrate good listening skills, therapeutic communication to resolve patient and family issues.

She comes to work with positive attitude, always ready to provide excellent care and service to patient and families. She is very helpful to patients and her colleagues, she is very attentive to patient needs. She is a Florence Nightingale of 3 north. In our service rounding, she was always mentioned and she was always recognized by patients and families. A float CNC mentioned that Ana Marie stands out for being a great nurse while doing her service rounding. Ana Marie has caring big heart, she's beautiful inside and out. I'm so proud of her and very lucky to work with her. I am not her direct report but I truly admire her as a compassionate, dedicated and very caring nurse.

She went above and beyond the call of duty. Ana Marie helped them during the time that they really need help. She's there to listen and comfort them. Ana Marie offered her cellphone to call their son (son has had a car accident on his way to Sunset Kaiser). She was not the assigned nurse, but she took the time to help other people in need, and took the time to listen and comfort someone.

Thank you, Ana Marie! You are a great asset to our institution. We are so lucky to have you in 3 north. You are amazing!