Ana Choto

Ana Choto

Ana Choto, RN

Post Partum
Valley Presbyterian Hospital
Van Nuys, California
United States
Because Ana listened to her patient and acted on this information, a new mother is alive today.

A patient delivered a baby and was being cared for in the Postpartum Unit.  Ana listened closely to her complaints, contacted the doctor, who ordered a CT scan, a neurological consult, and an MRI.  The patient was diagnosed with brain tumor- size: 4.9 x 4.2 x 4.1 centimeters.  The patient told Ana she had been complaining to the staff at the Prenatal Clinic of weakness, visual changes, and headaches throughout her pregnancy.  Because Ana listened to her patient and acted on this information, a new mother is alive today.

Ana also demonstrated competence that is integral to compassion, Sister Simone Roach (Human Act of Caring, 2007) wrote this about a compassion and competence in nursing: “Compassion, indispensable to the caring relationship, presupposes and operates from a competence appropriate to the demands of human care.  While competence without compassion can be brutal and inhumane, compassion without competence may be no more than meaningless, if not harmful, into the life of a person or persons needing help.”

According to Ana’s Director, she has excellent assessment skills, is attentive to patients, responding to their needs in a competent manner.  Her director was aware of this situation and very proud to report the patient is currently stable and receiving follow-up on an outpatient basis.  In the words of her director, “Ana never lets her patients feel that she is too busy to spend time with them and her time is valuable, she is our shining star.”

Ana’s Manager described her as one who practices with compassion and respect and is continuously striving for “better” – whether it’s making it better for the patient, the department, or the hospital.  She is a strong supporter of breastfeeding and loves tending to her patients.  She truly embodies caring for the patient as a whole.  She is attentive, listens to her patients, and provides them with excellent care.  Ana can be counted on to manage the most acute patients, and she regularly helps colleagues, and new graduate nurses making their transition to nursing at the bedside while serving as a preceptor.  She always has a smile and her positive attitude helps to make the day brighter for all those around her. She is truly a blessing!