Ana Chin

Ana Chin

Ana Chin, RN

Med/surg 4
Homestead Hospital
Homestead, Florida
United States
Ana went about her work in a quiet and unassuming manner, but always anticipating my every need.

I am reaching out to you in order to share my experience while a patient at your hospital. Recently, I was taken to the emergency room at Homestead Hospital suffering from, what turned out to be an Incarcerated Inguinal Hernia.  I went straight from the emergency room into surgery, where I had a hernia repair/bowel obstruction resection. I was then admitted to the hospital, where I remained for one week on the 4th floor. While I was admitted to the hospital, I was cared for and attended to by numerous hospital personnel, including nurses, assistants (CPs), lab technicians, etc.

This letter is specifically about one such person. A nurse on the fourth floor whose name is Ana Chin. The standard of care I received from all of the medical personnel during my stay was satisfactory, and I would not expect anything less from a hospital the caliber of Homestead Hospital. However, that being said, Ana stood out. There is no way I can begin to explain to you the depth of this lady's kindness and compassion. From the moment I first met her, I knew she was a special human being.  I was scared, and in the worst pain that I had ever been in in my life. Now, I know that to hospital personnel, that is routine and almost second nature. However, to me it was my life; to me, it was not routine. This amazing woman is obviously a very skilled and qualified nurse, however, more importantly, she is caring and kind. In addition, she possesses empathy.

Ana went about her work in a quiet and unassuming manner, but always anticipating my every need. She was not too proud to help me clean up after an accident, or to change my sheets; to help me to and from the bathroom, and to ensure that I was not in pain any longer than necessary. When I was suffering from nausea and dizziness and delirium caused by the pain medications, it was Ana who, without being asked, would bring me cold compresses for my forehead and ice packs for the wounds. She would comfort me when I was in pain.

Ana helped me to get up and walk when the thought of even trying to get out of bed was too much for me to bear when all I wanted to do was to give up! She wouldn't let me .... always exuding a calm, yet firm manner, gently urging me and giving me the strength to go a little further; always encouraging me; telling me that I was going to get better and stronger every day. Through it all, she remained kind, caring and comforting. Never once did she demonstrate any impatience, frustration, exasperation or irritation.

I guess this is my small way to ensure that Ana gets the recognition for her excellence that she so rightfully deserves. Ana is the epitome of what a nurse should be. Please take a moment to give her the thanks and recognition that she deserves although does not seek.  I'm sure you didn't know that you had a hidden gem amongst your 4th-floor nurses. Well, I know the true beauty of this lady's soul. In this day and age where empathy, kindness, and human comfort are so sorely along comes one woman with a heart of gold and an inestimable capacity to care. Ana, to a large extent, has renewed my faith and has proven to me that every human being is capable of infinite compassion and kindness.  Ana is Homestead Hospital. She is proficient, skilled and knowledgeable.  More importantly, she is a compassionate human being who takes such incredible care of her patients without a second thought to herself. This lady will never know how much she has touched my life and how very instrumental she was in my recovery, but I know ..... and I will never forget her.

I am planning a visit to the hospital once my recuperation is complete to see Ana, give her a hug and offer her my heartfelt gratitude for helping me in my darkest moments and for being so instrumental in my recovery, both physical and psychological.

Note: This is Ana's 2nd DAISY Award!