Amy Wiig

Amy Wiig

Amy Wiig, RN

Same Day Surgery
Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County
Rock Springs, Wyoming
United States

Amy has attributes of what makes an ideal nurse. The BRAND (UW accelerated BSN students) shared that Amy immediately took them under her wing and made them feel as if they were wanted. The students shared that they felt Amy was sincerely interested in their success as future nurses and that she was an incredible role model who possessed all the characteristics of the type of nurse they'd like to become.

Amy has voluntarily taken on the role of BLS Instructor Trainer for MHSC. There is no way the Education Department would be able to manage this without Amy's self-directedness in taking on this role. There have been many; many times Amy has stepped in when there were no instructors for BLS classes. Not only is she committed and caring, but she helps keep the hospital in compliance.

Amy emulates person-centered care every day and in many ways. On more than one occasion people have come into my office and shared that she sensed something, and without singling them out or calling attention, worked with them to meet their needs and overcome their fears. On more than one occasion I've been told, "Amy helped me in a way she'll never know. She is an amazing person and a great nurse".

Amy is the epitome of professionalism in nursing. She is intelligent, caring, compassionate, committed to excellence, and self-driven. Amy makes a difference in people's lives every day. She just doesn't realize how much.