Amy Rome

Amy Rome, RN, BSN

Labor and Delivery
Lane Regional Medical Center
Zachary, Louisiana
United States

Amy received 2 nominations from a “mother/daughter team”. The “mother” of the team is a Lane nurse and her “daughter” was one of our patients.
The first nomination reads:
I was honored to have Amy take care of me during the birth of my son in Jan 2008. When I nervously arrived she instantly made me feel very comfortable. She took time to let me know everything I needed to know to make the labor process smooth. I paced the floors that night and she took time to walk with me in the middle of the night and she would just talk to me. I had good experiences with all the nurses but Amy stood out. She really seemed to care that I was given the best treatment. She didn’t make me feel like I was a burden or that my questions were silly. Amy doesn’t seem to just come to work because it is her job. It is evident she loves what she does and it is very important to her to do her BEST all the time. I am currently enrolled in school for nursing and I hope that one day I can be the kind of nurse Amy was to me.

The second nomination reads:
In Jan 2008 I was experiencing one of the greatest joys in my life…becoming a Nana for the first time. I had a lot of emotion on this day. My baby was having a baby. Being a nurse, I knew all of the things that can happen in a labor process. I was experiencing great joy and a bit of anxiety as well. My daughter was blessed to have Amy provide care to her during this special day in her life. Amy demonstrated such great compassion and competence. She knew her job well and it showed. She was very quick to educate and give instructions without us asking. She did not assume because I was a nurse that I knew everything about labor and delivery. She took time to calmly tell us what we needed to know along the way. The whole experience for our family was wonderful. Amy stood out to my daughter and I. She took time to not only provide her normal nursing functions but took time to walk with my daughter in the halls during the night when she was restless and couldn’t sleep. She was there to simply listen. Amy may not realize that the small things she did were noticed. It is the little gestures like a simple smile or soft touch that mattered to us during this time. The birth of my grandson, was a day I will never forget. Nurses like Amy are hard to forget.

Our first ceremony was held on Tuesday Jan 26, 2010. All DAISY nominees (there were 17 total) were recognized publicly. All nominees received their pin, a copy of their nomination, and a massage gift certificate. The honoree was recognized, it was a surprise to all but a few select people. Both of the above mentioned nominators were there to read their nominations and speak about Amy. Very emotional, lots of smiles and tears.