Amy Parr

Amy Parr

Amy Parr, BSN, RN

Short Stay
Nebraska Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women's Hospital
Omaha, Nebraska
United States
Amy is a role model employee and an outstanding person.

Many people at Methodist Hospital heard of the tragic accident that took the life of a young student. The student was struck by a vehicle while walking her dog. Amy Parr was making her way to work early that day and happened to be one of the first people on the scene of the accident. Without hesitation, Amy immediately started CPR until other first responders and paramedics showed up on the scene. Although the outcome was fatal, I received communication that the student passed with her family and fiancé at her bedside. Her family was traveling from Texas at the time of the tragedy to visit.

This act only showcases what Short Stay already knows about Amy; she is selfless, kind, and passionate about her profession. Amy is a role model employee and an outstanding person. There is no doubt in my mind that Amy's act of bravery and courage bought a family and a fiancé time to say goodbye. Amy also came to work that day to interview 5 staff members for a charge nurse position.

I heard someone refer to Amy as "an angel in grey" and that is just what she is! Methodist Hospital and Short Stay Unit are fortunate to have this angel on their side!