Amy Laxamana

Amy Laxamana, RN

Ambulatory Treatment Unit
Chandler Regional Medical Center
Chandler, Arizona
United States

Amy did my midline catheter and made a very anxious experience be not to bad at all. I enjoyed our conversation and her bubbly personality. She took me from being on the verge of tears because I was feeling so frustrated, to us enjoying a laugh. She kept me focused on her and not on what was taking place. But then she went the extra mile!

She had asked if I had pets, and I had been missing my 2 little pomeranians because of my hospitalization very much. She told me about the PAWS for patients program. I never knew that it existed. She told me that she would give them my room number and to expect a visit. I never expected her to really do that, because she is so busy, BUT SHE DID!

Much to my delight, the next day I received a visit from Lexee and her handler and the day after, a visit from Abbey and her handler. Both visits were just what I needed! This program is a wonderful gift!

Thank you Amy for your kindness and consideration!