Amy Guffey

Amy Guffey, BSN, RN

Hauenstein 3
Mercy Health Saint Mary's
Grand Rapids, Michigan
United States

Amy was nominated by fellow nurse, Sara Steele, RN. Sara described how Amy took care of her when she was a patient. When she met Amy during her first admission she wrote, "she looks so young and my first thought was, oh no, she's probably a brand new nurse.'" However, Amy took exceptional care of her. When Sara had a second admission, Amy requested to be assigned to her again. But there was low census that day, and it was Amy's turn to be given the day off. Even so, Amy came in her street clothes just to check on Sara. Sara wrote: "It's not every day that a nurse comes in on her day off to see a patient. It's not every day that you are privileged to have a nurse like Amy taking care of you."