Amy Eckel

Amy Eckel

Amy Eckel, RN

5 South
The Christ Hospital Health Network
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States

Recently I had the privilege of meeting Amy Eckel, a nurse from 5 South. I am a nurse in the ED and had a patient come in seeking ostomy care because his kept leaking. The ostomy was fairly new for the patient and he and his wife had many questions regarding proper care.

I called up to 5 South to get some advice and was fortunate that Amy Eckel was the charge nurse that night. She immediately offered to come to the ED and help me with this patient. I can honestly say she is one of the most caring, thoughtful, & comforting nurses that I have ever met. Amy taught the patient and me how to better care for his ostomy & stoma.

The way she reassured the patient & normalized his ostomy was truly amazing. Her ability to simultaneously work with this patient, for almost 45 minutes and still fulfill her duties as charge nurse of 5 South serves as an example of true leadership. She even stayed past 7:00 pm to help care for this patient, a patient who wasn't even under her direct care of responsibility. I left work that night truly inspired by Amy Eckel.

I know that this patient & his wife left the ED extremely thankful that their questions & concerns were answered & left more comfortable taking care of his ostomy. I am nominating Amy Eckel for the DAISY Award because I truly believe she is an EXTRAORDINARY nurse and deserves to be recognized for her care towards patients and her willingness to help other staff members of TCH.