Amy Duntley

Amy Duntley, RN, BSN

Outcomes Management
St. Mary Mercy Hospital Livonia
Livonia, Michigan
United States

Amy Duntley, RN, BSN, Case Manager, Outcomes Management
“When a patient’s daughter unexpectedly passed away and with no time to pay final respects, Duntley and McBride used their compassion and creative thinking to make special funeral arrangements. The patient, unable to leave the hospital, was able to say a final goodbye after Duntley and McBride coordinated with a local funeral home having them bring the daughter’s body to the mother. A private room in the hospital was reserved for the service, Father Jude was asked to perform a ceremony, flowers were purchased from the gift shop, and a mother was able to say goodbye to her daughter in a dignified, respectful manner and remain safely in St. Mary Mercy’s care.”