Amy Dolly-Kibler

Amy Dolly-Kibler

Amy Dolly-Kibler, RN

EPO Clinic
Winchester Medical Center
Winchester, Virginia
United States

At the WMC Satellite, EPO/Coumadin Clinic, Amy sees patients every 15 minutes. Amy is always willing to help out co-workers or patients.

On this day, the temperature outside was cold and windy (temps in the 20's). A 94 year old gentleman came in to the Coumadin Clinic and expressed concern to Amy over his flat tire. He was teary eyed while telling Amy that he just simply did not have the strength to change the tire. Amy quickly volunteered to change the tire for this patient. After Amy finished with this gentleman, she completed her next patient and then went out into the cold to help.

It took some time to loosen the tire, but Amy was able to help her patient by placing the spare tire on his car and directing him to the tire repair shop.

With tears in his eyes, he said to Amy "You will never understand how much you have helped me."