Amy Dawe

Amy Dawe

Amy Dawe, BSN, RN, OCN, CHPN

3 South Oncology
St. Joseph Hospital - Nashua
Nashua, New Hampshire
United States

Regardless of being a floor RN or having an office day, Amy Dawe's presence is felt by all team members. RNs regard her as a highly competent role model, who is always available for advice and continuously offers her help. She portraits inexhaustible patience, optimism and devotion to her patients. Her patients comment on her genuine compassion.

Recently, Amy administered chemo for the first time to a patient who felt very anxious and frankly scared about it, though the patient kept her feelings to herself and was not vocal about it. Next day, another RN took care of that patient and she confided in her how relieved she felt with the way chemo was done and how secure she felt about the whole process. The patient was smiling, which the nurse noticed for the first time in two weeks since her admission. Amy's compassionate care put a smile on the face of this patient and made her feel relieved by bringing this change into her routine of not feeling well, being sad and tired.


I have never met or worked with such a dedicated, caring RN. Amy goes above and beyond everyday! She is always willing to assist her fellow RN's, is always looked to as a resource, will help RN's with tasks, is a great role model, leader, team player. Amy advocates for her patients to provide the utmost excellence in patient care - with a calm, caring manner.