Amy Corridean
October 2018
Pediatric ICU
Riverside University Health System - Medical Center
Moreno Valley
United States




Coming to the PICU with my 3-year old son, whose breathing was very distressed, caused me as a mother a whole lot of stress. After a long night of worrying in the ER, after getting transferred to a new hospital, they finally sent us to this team of 'Super Nurses'. They never let me feel alone. They did anything they could to nurse my little guy back to health. They made him feel at ease, which then made me feel at ease. They were on point with getting him the medications and treatments he needed. They never seemed annoyed with the number of questions I asked, they just answered and helped me until I understood. They explained in detail how to use the spacers, even though I already knew how. They showed us how to use the breathing machine and all the cool new things we were going to get. They are so awesome! Christie, Amy, and Charissa will always be our 'Super Nurses'. Thank you so much.