Amy Allison

Amy Allison, RN

Maricopa Integrated Health System-Maricopa Medical Center
Phoenix, Arizona
United States

I was a patient 3 years ago when Nurse Allison was my nurse. In two nights she helped me a lot in a moment that I felt I almost died. She had such compassion for me and supported me with a professional attitude. I saw that she does the same with every patient that she cares for. She is an Angel!

She loves her job with so much passion that when she knew I was a patient here again, she immediately came to visit and asked me about my health. She asked if everything was alright, spoke with my nurse and pushed me to do my best. Every time that I come here I can say that this is the best hospital because you have the best nurses!

Amy Allison, thank you for being an Angel and teaching me to love your profession. You are my Hero and you saved my life. You always said that I don't need to say this because it is your job, but I have just one life and you saved mine.

Nominated by a thankful MIHS patient