Ambulatory Surgical Team at Carillon Surgery Center

Ambulatory Surgical Team

Ambulatory Surgical Team at Carillon Surgery Center, RNs and More

Ambulatory Surgery
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Each day of the week, I watch my co-workers as they tirelessly provide care with excellence to every patient and family member who come to the Carillon Surgery Center. 

When a patient and family enter the waiting area, they are greeted and registered by Patty.  Patty loves people and it shows in the way she cares for the patients and visitors even after they are registered.  I have watched her as she “keeps track” of a spouse with dementia, comes back to check on someone before they are discharged because as Patty will put it “I formed a bond with them”.  Patty always has a smile and a kind word for everyone.

The teamwork is by far the best I have experienced.  From those in the front office who take care of Insurance, and Scheduling, to those who clean instruments, or order supplies.  We couldn’t do what we do without each of them.  At the helm are Kim and KT.  Their style of leadership is what makes it all work like a well-oiled machine.

The nursing staff is exceptional.  Not only do I observe this on a daily basis but I hear about it from patients when making the follow-up phone calls.  In a recent phone call, I was told, “Stacy is wonderful.  I was so anxious and afraid, but she held my hand and that helped me to relax.  She is so kind.”

The camaraderie between the OR staff and the Pre-Op/Post-Op staff ensures that our day to day runs so smoothly and that each patient is safe and receives excellent outcomes.

Before I close, let me tell you about Michelle.  When I think of excellence in patient care, I think of Michelle.  The preparing a potential patient in the pre-admission phase, she leaves no stone unturned when determining if a patient meets the criteria for outpatient surgery.  She does the same she in the pre-op area and when discharging a patient.  She gives thorough instructions, always taking extra care to make sure all the patient’s and care giver’s questions have been answered.  Time and time again, during follow up phone calls, Michelle is praised for the time and care she gives to patients.

There are many more examples, but I will just end by saying the Carillon Surgery Center is a phenomenal group of caring people who put patient safety and quality care first.

Team Members honored with this DAISY TEAM Award:

Kathleen Taylor

Joe Tucker

Tara York

Kristin Nelson

Samantha Stafford

Elizabeth Erickson

Megan Hyde

Julia James

Danielle Stone

Lisa Lane

Leslie Enchave

Tareq Adileh

Stacy Valdivia

Haylie Bauer

Michelle Thistle

Angela Kramer

Karen Allen

Lisa Dawson