Amber Bayliss

Amber Bayliss

Amber Bayliss, RN

Emergency Department
Houston Methodist West Hospital
Houston, Texas
United States

I came for treatment due to my right hand/wrist was swollen considerably and I was in severe pain. From the beginning of Amber Bayliss introducing herself, until the time I signed my discharge papers, her professionalism was on display constantly with her reassuring smile and asking frequently is there anything else she could do to make me more comfortable. 

The ER began to get rather busy even though I was the first check-in patient for that morning, and Amber found time between her other duties to make sure my wrist remained elevated and ice was being applied to the essential areas. I'm still being treated for this injury and still cannot write legibly so I had to type this communication one stroke at a time.

It's very rare that you see health professionals show a genuine passion that they truly enjoy their profession by the way they treat those in their care. Amber is truly one of those rare individuals.

Thank you, Nurse Amber.