Amber Bayliff

Amber Bayliff

Amber Bayliff, RN

Halifax Health
Daytona Beach, Florida
United States
The remaining nights of my stay during recovery were always brightest when Amber was working.

A surgery was performed on me where my right kidney was removed due to having a cancerous growth on it. My surgery was completed in the afternoon so I didn't see my doctor until early afternoon the next day. It was at that time I was approved to eat. After eating almost all of a salad, I began to feel sick to my stomach and stopped eating completely.

Later on that evening I requested assistance and RN Amber Bayliff responded. I told her I was very nauseated wanting to throw up. I explained to her the food I'd ate earlier didn't agree with me. I began to have dry heaves and was clutching a pillow against the area of my incision while Amber was behind me also applying pressure with one arm while holding a bedpan with the other in front of me.

The feeling passed, and she went back to her duties with her other assigned patients. I wish it would have been over, but for the next 4-5 hours, I requested her help more times than I could remember having the same nauseated feelings and trying to throw up.

During the times she was back and forth helping me, I felt that I was blessed with the most caring nurse that there could be. The remaining nights of my stay during recovery were always brightest when she was working.

A hernia had occurred at the site of my incision, which I returned to Halifax MC for its repair a month after my surgery. I was assigned a floor in the Trump Tower for my recovery after surgery. When I asked about the 7th floor where I'd been for my first surgery, I was told it was shut down and the employees working there were assigned other locations.

The evening after my hernia surgery, as I'm lying in bed during the change of shift, standing in the doorway with the day shift nurse, I hear this voice I will never forget. It was RN Amber Bayliff, who just by chance was temporarily assigned to my floor for the night. I was the happiest patient in the hospital for I couldn't have a better nurse taking care of me.