The Amazing Team on Labor and Delivery
August 2017
The Amazing Team on Labor and Delivery
at Tampa General Hospital
Labor and Delivery
Tampa General Hospital
United States
Muriah Chapman, RNC (Team Captain);
Danielle Brennan, BSN, RNC (Nurse Manager);
Yarkema Jones, RN;
Daisy Barcenas, RN;
Katherine Mears, RNC;
Susan Huet, RNC;
Rhondalyn McCall-Walker, RN;
Dexter Mitchel, CRNA;




A 38-week pregnant mom was brought emergently to Tampa General’s Trauma Bay.  Although she endured a long extraction during her accident and was hit by a bus, she was awake and stable upon admission.  Unfortunately, during the accident, she lost the baby and suffered a hip fracture.  A decision was made by the trauma team that she was safe for an immediate emergent C-section by the OB-GYN team.  She was brought to the L&D suites on the bay shore building and was placed under general anesthesia by our team.  The C-section was performed and she was stable until the baby was removed.  Upon removal of the child, the mom became hypotensive and started to hemorrhage.  Four surgical teams worked on this young lady over the next 6 hours.  She required multiple lines, multiple drips, massive transfusions, and frequent lab work.  She essentially became one of the worst traumas we had dealt with in a long time.  I wanted to acknowledge the amazing team of day and night nursing staff that came together to save this young lady’s life.  The day nurses and techs were Rhonda McCall-Walker RN, Yarkema Jones RN, and Muriah Chapman RN.  We transfused massive amounts of products.  These nurses got all the blood efficiently checked, ran to pharmacy (on the 2nd floor by the way) to get all my drips and meds.  Richard (tech) dedicated himself to us and got lab work off and blood back to the room along with Allysia (tech). The transition from the day shift to the night shift crew was seamless and so professional.  The nurses Shea (Susan) Huet RN, Katie Mears RN, and Daisy Barcenas RN were just awesome.  After almost 85 units of blood products later we transferred the patient to the ICU alive and stable without distress.  What made this situation special is that these were not trauma nurses, nor were they used to these type cases, but they all performed like some of the best trauma nurses I had ever worked with.  I wanted to express a heartfelt thank you to this team and let them know what an amazing job they did.  I also wanted them to know that she lived and woke up.  Terrific job guys!  Sadly, while one team was working relentlessly to save mom's life, Manager Danielle Brennan was working with a grieving family and providing them time with the deceased infant.