Amanda Young

Amanda Young

Amanda Young, RN

West Virginia

From the Nurse Manager: "Amanda was one of many nurses caring for a patient who spent more than two weeks on the GYN unit while facing a major Oncology surgery. As each day passed, Amanda saw the patient sink deeper into depression. The patient had few visitors because of the distance from home. Amanda spent as much time with this patient as possible during her shifts. In trying to lift the patient's spirits, she gave the patient a pedicure. The next day it was obvious to everyone the patient's spirits were lifted. The patient showed everyone her 'pretty toes'. Though this may seem like a small thing to do for a patient, it meant so much to the patient that someone took the time to pamper her. Amanda went above and beyond her clinical skills as a nurse to help make this patient feel a little better just by spending extra time with her.

Amanda is committed to focusing on the goals of this patient and has formed a bond of trust. This patient confided in Amanda about her concerns regarding her illness and for caring for her disabled daughter at home. Through collaboration with the healthcare team, the patient was seen by a psychologist, who specialized in palliative care, which helped the patient to set goals.

The nominee exemplifies the institution's Core Values of Service with Compassion and Respect by listening to her patient and taking action to meet her needs".