Amanda McTeague

Amanda McTeague

Amanda McTeague, RN

7A - Psychiatry In-Patient and Eating Disorders Program
The Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto, Ontario
Amanda's compassion, dedication, energy, and very pleasant personality and character are second to none.

Amanda has an incredibly warm, empathetic, professional and ethical approach and personality. She is extremely professional and independent while working exceptionally as a team member. She is very caring with both, patients and parents. Amanda provides ongoing paramount support to parents and patients on a very consistent basis. She is continually pleasant, easy-going, has a sense of humour and is always very responsible with her job. She provides significant child, adolescent and patient care on a regular basis. She is always willing to learn, seeks out colleagues for consultation and always endeavors to learn as much as she can. Amanda always goes the extra mile any time that she is called upon to assist by staying beyond her shift. She is very well respected by her peers, manager, patients and parents alike. She is extremely diligent with respect to her varied important duties and is very selfless while taking on any challenge that comes her way. Amanda is a significant asset to the Eating Disorders Program In-Patient Unit on 7A, as well as to the hospital at large. Her compassion, dedication, energy, and very pleasant personality and character are second to none.


Amanda took on the care of a severely malnourished Eating Disordered patient on Christmas Day. She worked diligently with the medical team to provide ICU level care to this cachectic patient. The patient's family was distraught. They had been seeking medical attention for their daughter for months, as she wasted away in front of them from her illness. Amanda carefully nursed this patient away from life-threatening cardiac complications, through the vulnerable early days of re-feeding syndrome. She provided validation to the family, for their awareness of the severity of her illness. She held the hope of recovery for them, knowing that the nursing care in the 7A program brings patients back when they are down to half the weight they should be at.