Amanda Marshall

Amanda Marshall, RN

8 East
St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor
Ypsilanti, Michigan
United States

Amanda is an extrordinary nurse that goes above and beyond to care for her patients and assist other staff. We unexpectedly had
a young patient pass recently on our unit. The family was distraught and in shock. Amanda not only demonstrated extremely
competent nursing care during the code but extended her compassionate heart to the family for hours afterward. Even though this
tradegy took place on a sunny Saturday afternoon and Amanda's shift ended at 3:30pm, she stayed until 7pm that evening to be a
"familiar face" to a grlevlng famly. She showed her compassionate heart and offered any support she could to them. She was an
angel to them in their time of need. She truely deserves recognition for going above and beyond. She recognized that this family
needed her and made a commitment to stay with them for as long as needed. This was truely remarkable care.