Amanda Mackellar

Amanda Mackellar, RN, BSN

Skilled rehab/long term care unit
Maine VA Healthcare System
Augusta, Maine
United States

Amanda took over the care of my husband when he returned from the SCU with a healing pressure sore. Amanda took the time to get to know me and the preferences of my husband. She was always kind and gentle while providing his care. Amanda is a nice girl, and has demonstrated a serious and dedicated attitude toward her job. If there is ever anything wrong with my husband she calls me right away. I trust her 100% to give him the proper care. If I don't go to see him one day and she's there, I know he is in good hands. Amanda would explain the wound vac care to me and the plans to relieve his pressure. Amanda worked with me to advocate for different pressure relieving beds and never became upset even though we changed beds five times during his early stay. As his wound healed I trusted Amanda so much I felt I could stay home on the days the she was working with him. She would call me at home if anything changed and ensured any issues were addressed with the doctor. Amanda worked closely with me to get him back into the wheelchair and discuss my preferences for how long he was up. She ensured all the staff learned his routine and put his plan on the whiteboard with me. Amanda also advocated for me to be able to give showers with the staff and ensured I got trained to work with the CNAs doing his showers. I am most impressed on days I come in and she has my husband smiling or laughing and treating him like the special person that he really is. If I could clone her and make seven of her I would! She deserves this award and more because she is a terrific nurse who does her job completely and thoroughly. She treats everyone well and fairly. If she wasn't there I just don't know what I would do.