Amanda Little

Amanda Little

Amanda Little, RN

St. Joseph's Hospitals and South Florida Baptist Hospital
Tampa, Florida
United States
Nurse Amanda held his hand when he was scared.

My brother was very sick but always he asked to go visit nurse Amanda. I would like her to know she made a difference to my brother, his wife, and me.  He talked about how kind Amanda was to him.  She made him smile and laugh.  She took the best care of him.  He always used to walk to find her at the hospital and give her hugs.  He felt he needed to give her hugs because she saved his life.  He had a heart attack a couple of years ago. She promised to care for him like family. She saved his life and he always said how much he appreciated that.  Nurse Amanda held his hand when he was scared.  She called the doctor for help and took him to surgery in the middle of the night.  He asked her to pray with him.  She held his hand and prayed for comfort and healing. While she did all things to save his heart she also remembered to show kindness and love to him. I know she must be busy but she made time to call us to say his heart needed help immediately.  We rushed to the hospital and she walked us up to the surgery floor. It was dark quiet and we thought she was going to leave us alone to wait. No. She took her lunch break to sit with us and hold our hands and give comfort while waiting.  She did not have to.  She saved his life then took her time to stay with us while alone and scared.

I am sad to share he died last September. While looking through his stuff I found a letter he wrote to nurse Amanda. I want her to know she made a difference for us. Nurse Amanda shows love and kindness.  She heals hearts that are sick and sad. She cheers people with stories of her son.  When she is with your family you know they are safe.

Thank you for doing what no other has done before or since.  My brother passed, but you gave him 1 more year because you are smart and kind and got him help.  Do not be sad he has died.  He was thankful to God for the difference you made. Keep loving and make a difference for more people. You are kind. Thank you, Amanda.