Amanda Landers

Amanda Landers

Amanda Landers, BSN, RN

Joint & Spine Center
Miami Valley Hospital
Dayton, Ohio
United States

Amanda Landers is truly an extraordinary nurse. I love coming to work and seeing that she is my nurse for the day. Amanda is always ready to work hard for her patients and provide them with the highest level of care.

One day I was sitting for one of Amanda's patients whose care was becoming more advanced and critical. Amanda stayed in the room with us, even though I was already there. She pushed back to the doctor regarding the patient's neurological status; advocating for a change in medication and testing. I found out later that all this was happening while Amanda had another patient going critical with a different doctor. You never would have known. She was so attentive to the patient we were with. I was so impressed.

Amanda is working on PEN as well as orthopedic certification, all the while being in Graduate school. She is always looking to expand her knowledge. I am so impressed with her dedication to her craft. She has also volunteered to be an alternate team leader and host our unit Christmas party. She participates regularly in our unit council. We are so lucky to have her on our team! Amanda exemplifies all aspects of the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. She is a fantastic coworker with a beautiful soul. Thank you, Amanda!