Amanda Kees

Amanda Kees, RN

Carolinas HealthCare System NorthEast
Concord, North Carolina
United States
The bonds that she forms with her patients is heartwarming!

I have only had the privilege of working with Amanda for a short while, but in that amount of time I have witnessed so much love, kindness and compassion from one person.  Not only is she the team champion on PSC1 for the giving campaign, but she works hard, is a team player, and always has a smile and a positive attitude.  A specific example of her compassion took place a few weeks ago when we had a patient with bladder cancer. 

This patient was very confused and rowdy and while most people would be mad, she was always so kind to him.  She developed a relationship with him.  She found out that he had a true passion for country music and even developed a good relationship with his daughter.  When this man became unresponsive and was being transferred to hospice, Amanda, even though she was not his nurse that day came and helped to put him on the stretcher.  She even informed the EMT to play country music.  She also comforted and cried with the daughter.  It truly touched me. 

This is just one instance of many that show her love and compassion. The bonds that she forms with her patients is heartwarming!