Amanda Fugate

Amanda Fugate

Amanda Fugate, RN

Transistional Care Unit, ICU/Stepdown
SSM Health St Anthony Hospital - Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
United States
I knew Amanda was back at work and I seriously wished I could just go back to her unit and continue in her care.

SSM Health became an important partner in my health care team. What I expected to be a short relationship has become much more involved and intense. I am grateful to say that during my multiple stays, I was given really good care. From housekeeping to the physicians, I appreciated the kindness and professionalism of everyone I came in contact with. I was especially surprised at the number of people who dropped in to check on me to make sure my needs were being met.

I'm not an especially sickly person but I have seen my share of hospital beds, so I know good care when I see it. Thank you! Every once in a while, you run across someone who just seems especially good at what they do. I'd like to call out Amanda Fugate as that person for me.
Spending the night at a hospital is a vulnerable time when you're the one in the bed. I found myself in another unit, a different bed. It's where I got the Fugate treatment.

It's hard for me to explain what made Amanda's care so different from a field of what's already good. What makes one strawberry better than the other when you love all strawberries? It seems cliché but it really is the small things that made the difference. It was making sure my curtains were closed without me ever asking, it's the difference between "Call me if you need me," and "What can I do for you?" It is running in to check on me when my oxygen levels were low and emptying the "pee pot" every time she came in. It was offered a graham cracker even before I knew I wanted it. All I know is I was scared to death and then I wasn't anymore.

Amanda suggested I get a sleep study (the caseworker was on it). I was discharged on Friday and had to go to the sleep study Friday night. I knew Amanda was back at work and I seriously wished I could just go back to her unit and continue in her care. I would have slept on the couch that night if I thought anyone would have let me. I don't know how connections are made between caretaker and care-tooken. All I know is when it happens, you know it and are grateful for it. Thank you, Amanda.

Thank you SSM Health. You have earned my trust and admiration. I actually did write thank you notes the 1st time I was admitted. I've never done that before, and I've never sent a follow-up letter. Maybe I've never had reason to do so. I'm much better now and pray I never have to see any of you again in my long, long life. In the meantime, thanks for what you do.