Amanda Federowski

Amanda Federowski

Amanda Federowski, RNIII

Medical Oncology
UAMS Medical Center
Little Rock, Arkansas
United States

We had a patient on our unit who had a rare disease causing tremors and seizures. This patient also had a tendency to "holler out" when needing assistance and would sometimes need to be restrained for protection. Some of the caretakers who proceeded with caution who would go in and out as well as their level of discomfort taking care of this complex patient and their needs. Amanda spent a great deal of time with this particular patient bathing her, changing linens, and combing and braiding her long hair. She even sat and talked with her multiple times during the shift until the patient finally slept through the night and began to engage.

This is just one example of the overflowing compassion Amanda sheds on her patients and our staff. She never misses an opportunity to teach those around her why we do what we do. Whenever there is something complex going on with a patient on our unit, Amanda is the first to begin researching to make sure no diagnosis or treatment option is missed.

Amanda's compassion is unmatched; she is a constant comfort to patients and families and a role model for any staff willing to learn from her.