Amanda Bratton

Amanda Bratton

Amanda Bratton, RN

Bone Marrow Transplant Unit
Franciscan St. Francis Health - Indianapolis
Indianapolis, Indiana
United States

...Amanda was assigned to care for one of her patients that had been very critically ill and had many changes during the night before her oncoming shift on Saturday February 1, 2014. The patient had gone into respiratory distress during the night and had to be intubated. This was not a phone call that anyone would want to receive about their loved one. As the wife of this patient was awoken in the wee hours of the morning by this phone call, she was informed about a critical change in her husband's status. She described how her heart was "hurting" and quickly started on her way to get to the hospital to be with him.

The patient's wife arrived to the hospital to be by her husband's side that early morning and hoped for the best given his sudden change. She described feelings of "having a heaviness in her heart." She was soon relieved when she saw the extraordinary care provided to her husband by his nurse, Amanda. She felt Amanda went "above and beyond and out of her way" to care for her husband's needs. She described how this gave her a special "inner peace" when she witnessed her kindness and compassionate care. She described how Amanda had taken care of him before he was intubated and remembered how much he liked to have his TV on, which she had on already for him. She then described how he required special skin care and how Amanda "knew which creams he preferred to use." It was these little details that Amanda was "tuned in to" to ensure he received his "special care," even when he could not verbally communicate on his own to the nurses.

The patients wife was so touched and comforted by the care Amanda provided over the weekend, especially during her most "vulnerable time and feelings of heaviness in heart." She described the next day, as feeling like Amanda was "meant to be there" for her and her husband. Someone must have known and planned this for them both. She described Amanda as having "angel wings" and how she was "just at the right time and place." Wow, what an amazing compliment for a wonderful and compassionate nurse, who was just doing what she does without thinking about the impact of her special "touch" and her compassion that she displayed for the patient and his wife.

This is a special story of how Amanda made a huge impact for this patient and his wife. The wife wanted to ensure she was recognized. Amanda truly displays the extraordinary care of a "DAISY nurse." She is compassionate with her care, exemplifies joyful service, and is passionate for the respect for life. She is professional, kind, and sincere. Amanda is being nominated by the patient's wife, written as described by the wife, on behalf of the nursing manager. Thank you for your consideration in recognizing Amanda for her amazing care and her "being there at the right time and place for a patient so deserving of her compassionate care!" She truly was in the "right place and at the right time" with her "angel wings displayed" for the patients wife to find "inner peace" during this difficult time!