Amanda Blotzer

Amanda Blotzer, BSN

4D Cardiology
UPMC Presbyterian
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

As a CRS on my unit I like to follow up with patients to make sure the questions are answered and needs are being met. One patient I spoke to was an off service patient who is frequently admitted and the care she receives on her "normal unit" to be top notch. She has anxiety at baseline and was worried about being in an unfamiliar territory with nurses and aides. She seemed very calm when I visited her and she commented on how very happy she was on our unit. She mentioned one particular nurse, Amanda. She said she was very anxious one night and almost in a panic, but Amanda came and knelt down next to her and spoke softly and she said put her at ease. She offered to sing to her and she agreed and it took the anxiety away. It was really nice to hear that kind of a story and to have the privilege to work with this compassionate nurse.