Alyssa Vasquez

Alyssa Vasquez, BSN RN

Critical Care Resource Team
Methodist Charlton Medical Center
Dallas, Texas
United States

Nomination #1: We were in the Emergency Department January 18, 2015 with our mother. Definite patient advocate while still maintaining outstanding professionalism. Alyssa was able to feel the angst of the family and act accordingly. Thank God Alyssa was there to advocate for our mother and explain medical "talk" in a language that the family could understand. So often as nurses and doctors we forget that everyone does not speak medicine but she brought the conversation to a level of understanding that worked for us. She didn't talk above us, she listened to our concerns and wants and helped to make it happen. She did take the initiative when listening to our concerns. When she understood the families request, she made things happen while maintaining the dignity of the patient and understanding the sorrow of the family. Alyssa was very supportive in the family's wish to let our mother die with dignity. She provided all the comfort, empathy and sympathy she would have afforded her own family. I was visiting from out of state. I am an RN at Student Health Services at the University of Kansas. I have worked in Rehab/Skilled/Palliative care in the past. I was so impressed with her skills and empathy in that busy ER. She kept us informed, provided mental clarity and gave hugs when needed. What a very special nurse and person.


Nomination #2: Alyssa was so attentive to our family during one of the most difficult times. She was there dutifully assuring that we had everything we needed to make it through this emotional roller coaster. Words cannot express how much we appreciated Alyssa and the way she explained to us what was happening with our mother. Her compassionate, warm and loving care of not only our mother but for the family is immeasurable. Without Alyssa's guidance, I'm not sure we could have made an informed decision concerning our mother's final moments. She explained to our family the choices we had in the utmost professional manner possible. We were then able to make the right decision for our mother during a time when emotions sometimes will not allow you to make the right decision. Words cannot begin to explain how sensitive Alyssa was to our needs during this difficult time. She was so attentive and caring during our mother's last day with us. Her support was above and beyond what we ever imagined we would receive. I've recently lost my father and mother-in-law. The attention Alyssa provided the family was like nothing I experienced. She is a one-of-a-kind nurse, a rare gem we discovered during a very difficult time. She is very deserving of the DAISY Award.


Nomination #3: Alyssa was the nurse handling my mother's care during her final hours. She was very careful to make sure not only was my mother not in pain but that the family was kept informed of our mothers transition from life to death and that our needs during this very difficult time were being met. Alyssa took great care to understand the family's wishes regarding our mother. The doctor left us with an impression that was not the wishes of our mother. Alyssa explained our options and made sure the doctor took care to correct our mother's wishes regarding her care. Once the decision was made not to prolong our mother's life artificially, Alyssa immediately took it as her responsibility to make sure my mom would not be in pain. She turned off alarms understanding that they would probably be unsettling for us. She explained to us exactly what would happen during this transition and she continued to check on us to make sure our needs were being met. Again, she understood better than us what would happen during this transition and took the time to continue letting us know what was happening. After my mother passed, Alyssa let us know the end had come. At this time, she hugged each of us and her genuine care and comfort was absolutely felt.