Alysha Brown

Alysha Brown

Alysha Brown, BSN, RN, CCRN

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
Sentara Norfolk General Hospital
Norfolk, Virginia
United States
This is where Alysha truly shined as both a compassionate nurse and an advocate.

There are so many examples of how Alysha is a DAISY Nurse for not just the patients she cares for, but also for her fellow nurses and staff.
Recently, Alysha admitted a patient from a nearby facility who was being considered for open-heart surgery. The patient was tearful and apprehensive as she arrived, and we did our best to calm her fears. It wasn't long before the patient told us that she had done illegal drugs before having a heart attack. As the story came out to the providers who were seeing the patient, they became less compassionate in their communication. The patient was originally receptive and apologetic when the team discussed her care with her but soon became upset and tearful.

This is where Alysha truly shined as both a compassionate nurse and an advocate. She spent time comforting the patient and calming down to the point that the patient could then call her husband and explain what was going on. This patient ultimately received the care she needed because of Alysha's fearless advocacy and compassion.

This past weekend Alysha had to take emergency leave due to her own father having surgery out of town. Knowing how busy the unit had been lately, she sent cookies by delivery to the unit one day and pizza the next day. Despite us assuring her that we were ok, and she didn't need to worry, she took the time to think of her coworkers back home in the midst of a family crisis!

This is just how Alysha is. She is always the first one to help when you need a hand and always willing to go the extra mile for both patients and staff. She is an exemplary nurse.