Allison Whittington

Allison Whittington

Allison Whittington, RN, BSN

Adult Surgical Unit
Suburban Hospital
Bethesda, Maryland
United States

The staff from 6400, the Adult Surgical Floor, nominate Allison Whittington for the DAISY Award, honoring an Informal Nurse Leader. Her colleagues perceive her as a nurse who leads by example. Staff feels because of this attribute, she motivates others to strive for excellence as well.

Allison is the chair of the first Unit Based Council for the Adult Surgical Unit. She is also a member of The Evidence Based Practice and Research Council. Through her participation in shared governance, both hospital wide and unit based, Allison has led initiatives to improve patient outcomes. She has led initiatives to reduce falls and improve shift report.

Allison not only provides excellence in nursing care for her own patients but shares this with all the patients. Through her role she helps to identify opportunities to improve care; she creates the change to solve identified concerns. Staff views Allison as facilitator who can relay staff concerns to management.