Allison De Castro

Allison De Castro

Allison De Castro, BSN, RN

Pediatric Nursing Supervisors
Wolfson Children's Hospital
Jacksonville, Florida
United States
This was a selfless gesture of overwhelming kindness.

Allison has always demonstrated concern for her patients and peers. Recently, R, a Nursing Supervisor (ADON) had received a terminal diagnosis and ultimately succumbed to her illness. Allison had spent considerable time with her as she is often in the role of Nursing Supervisor. She knew that R really wanted to receive her BSN before she passed away, and R was only 2 classes shy of her goal. Allison advocated for R by lobbying the instructors at JU, and they agreed to present R with her diploma. This was such a compassionate and caring gesture resulting in an immensely meaningful moment for both R and Allison. It was an uncommon act for Allison to contact the college of nursing and each faculty member to advocate for R to receive her degree. This was a selfless gesture of overwhelming kindness. R passed away having fulfilled her goal of obtaining her BSN.

Before R died, she only wrote two documents: one was a list of things she wanted certain people to have, the other was to the ADON’s. She purchased what is called a “giving key”. It is like a dog tag, but it has a key on it with one word stamped on the key. She ordered one for each of the ADON’s and she had planned to take them all to dinner and give it to them with these special “key” words for each one. She passed away before we had that dinner, so I gave the ADON’s their keys last month with the words that R had written. The word R chose for Allison is especially relevant; Allison’s word was “caring”.

The accompanying note from R said: “Allison, rarely have I seen such wisdom in one so young. In an egocentric era, you have the gift of putting yourself in someone’s shoes and imagining how they feel, and acting accordingly. You have the beautiful quality of caring for patients and families, for the hospital as a system, for the staff, and for your ADON team. How lucky we are to have you! You will do well in your graduate courses and I see greatness in your future as a nursing leader!”