Alison Ford

Alison Ford, RN

Special Care
Children's of Alabama
Birmingham, Alabama
United States

My daughter, TJ, was hurt when she was 3 and has been admitted +/- 20 times over the past 17 years with a sever TBI from a MVA. She wears diapers, is mute, wheelchair bound and has the competence of a 6 month old. Alison knew she was putting a lot of fluids in TJ, so she checked her every hour to two hours to keep her dry. She has a UTI and pneumonia. Alison greased her rear end with custom paste, Vaselined her lips, suctioned the pocketed food and brushed her teeth. She also made the room nice by organizing her diaper supplies and meds. This is the type of special care TJ deserves. Thank you Alison from one loving mother to another loving mother. You are a very caring nurse.